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Hera & Gaia is named for the Greek goddesses of marriage and the Earth. We bring sustainable engagement rings directly to you, without the industry markups.

It can be overwhelming to start searching for an engagement or wedding ring. We were frustrated by the process ourselves. So we founded Hera & Gaia to solve our own problem: how to find a sustainable engagement ring with both heirloom quality and a fair price.

Hera & Gaia gives our clients a new kind of experience: one where you can afford your dream ring and feel good about the materials it's crafted from.



Hera & Gaia™ rings come with the peace of mind that your purchase was kind to the planet. None of our materials contribute to the environmental destruction caused by mining. We use all recycled metals in our manufacturing process and work exclusively with lab-grown moissanite, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. 

All Hera & Gaia purchases include 5,000lbs of carbon offsets and ship carbon-neutral. We are happy to provide an e-receipt for your offsets upon request. 

For more information on sustainability, check out our guide to Our Five Favorite Things about Moissanite.


Hera & Gaia was founded to celebrate all love. We provide inclusive sizing and service that disrupts heteronormativity in the wedding industry. 

We are honored to serve our LGBTQ+ family. Supporting the human rights of all our clients - women and the LGBTQ+ community included - is a non-negotiable part of our mission.

Heirloom Quality

We see every Hera & Gaia ring as a future heirloom. Our rings are made to last forever. We have a personal connection to every part of our supply chain - it's why we're so confident in our quality and craftsmanship.

Before it’s shipped to you, our experts will examine every detail of your ring with an eye for strength and ease of wear.  We take great pride in our work and never cut corners to reduce costs.

If durability is a concern for you, please get in touch. We'll work with you to make sure your ring is well-suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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